Citizens News attempts to bring forward issues affecting the lives of the people of Douglas County Oregon.  Although not purely news because we do express our opinions, we do try to make sure all information we rely upon to make those opinions are based in fact.  If you ever find the information we share to be inaccurate, please let us know. 

CEA would like to work with likeminded folks to improve the workings of government in our community.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting story about your former Housing Authority Director, Dolly Newman. Here’s a link to the story with video. Hopefully, the city of Albuquerque will do the right thing and terminate her.

    Story from Channel 4 – Albuquerque, 3/28/12:

    “Most people who work government jobs are not allowed to take Friday afternoons off to run personal chores in their government-issued vehicle. But that isn’t stopping the executive director of the Albuquerque Housing Authority.

    During a month long investigation, KOB’s 4 On Your Side investigative team watched Dolly Newman take a $22,000 Dodge Charger, assigned to AHA, to her favorite nail salon…”

    here’s the link ( you may have to cut and paste)


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