Rock the Boat: PROTEST VOTE!

Why a protest vote is important.
When you decide that you are not going to vote for the two main party candidates, for most intents and purposes, you have one of two choices: Don’t vote at all or vote for someone else.
Although some would prefer you don’t vote at all, they are usually people who support one of the two mainstream party candidates. There is a reason.
If you don’t vote at all, it actually helps their candidate, on both sides, because you have no vote to count and it does not have an influence on the race at all. So your vote, or lack thereof, will not have any spoiler effect on their candidate.
However, if you do decide to pick an alternative candidate, your vote will count and that is what they are afraid of. If you mark bubble of another candidate besides the chosen two, or write in a name, you can impact the outcome, while sending a message.
So don’t listen to those who try to make you believe that it is just throwing away a vote. It is not. It will not only impact the election, it can impact politics in a much bigger way. It will send a better message than just not voting at all.
If you actually cast a vote, that becomes a better message to politicians that you wanted to vote but were not willing to settle for the status quo and will rock their boat if they don’t listen.
The more of us that do this, the bigger voice we will have and better opportunity to shake the two party stranglehold on our elections.
So don’t go out and just Rock the Vote; go Rock the Boat.

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