Economists Richard Wolff Discuss American Capitalism

Economists Richard Wolff Discuss American Capitalism


For some time now, I have been promoting, the works of economist Richard Wolff.   Richard Wolff is a Harvard educated economist, who has been teaching for the post forty years.   A few years ago, others, besides college students, wanted to hear his message.   When I came across his movie Capitalism Hits the Fan, I was hooked.

Wolff is not only knowledgeable; he makes a complicated subject simple and a potentially boring subject interesting.   His illustrations about the problems with capitalism might not be new to some, but his presentation, about why and what we can do about it, will hopefully invigorate most.

Here is a link to Richard Wolff’s website where you can find a lot of information about his work:

You can access some of his lectures there or via Youtube, Link TV and a growing number of alternative media programs such as David Packman and Ring of Fire*.   As he states, he has only started speaking outside of the college arena a few years ago, but it seems it is time for his message to take hold.  We would serve our community by helping our family, friends and neighbors connect with his works.   We might even be able to change our world.

Here is the movie Capitalism Hits the Fan, and another one from January 2012.

Capitalism Hits the Fan

January 24, 2014 speech All Souls Church in New York


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