Another Type of Food Fascists!

Another Type of Food Fascists!

The folks that are shown here, expect Jon Stewart of course, are a special kind of fascists: Food Fascists!  Part of the problem with these folks is that they will claim too much government control of the rich, but want to do everything in their power to control the poor.  Like many Americans they are under the delusion that is the money used on social programs, such as food stamps, is what is taking their hard earned money.  They just go to demonstrate how ill informed they are.   

Although people with food stamps buy things that are not the most healthy sometimes, the comments exposed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show a few days ago, make me shake my head.  For any organization to call itself a news program to wage a war on the poor with rumors and misinformation shows just how morally bankrupt some in the country have become.  These commentators are just plain evil and thank you to Jon Stewart for fighting back against them.  

Picking on people less fortunate than you is just plain bullying.  Maybe they would be better identified as the Bullies of FOX News.



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