Rep Tim Freeman Supports Corporate Personhood!

Oregon House Representative Tim Freeman is all about “corporations are people”, as his behavior regarding the recent passage of HJM 6, which he opposed, shows. 

During a hearing about House Joint Measure (HJM) 6, which has Oregon joining the efforts to overturn Citizens United, our local Representative Tim Freeman sprang to defend the honor of his fellow corporations during fellow Representative Jules Baily’s speech in support of the measure.   Somewhere in the middle of Rep Baily’s 90 second presentation, Freeman jumped from his seat demanding a point of privilege claiming that he was part of part of a LLC and a person and Rep. Jules Baily should watch himself when he claims that corporations are not people.   Freeman went on to cast one of the 11 No votes in the House.


Tim Freeman Defends Corporations as People” title=”Freeman’s Vote” target=”_blank”>