Mercy’s CEO Compensation over 2/3 Million $ a Year!

From Oregon Patients Rights Assocation (OPRA) blog and facebook page:

According to The Lund Report, Mercy Medical Center CEO, Kelly Morgan was paid $696,946* in compensation for 2011 broken down as follows:

Base pay: $424,199;
Bonuses: $179,533,
Deferred Compensation: $58,064;
Nontaxable Benefits: $14,218; &
Other Compensation: $20,932.

During the same year, the percentage of charity given by this non-profit Catholic ministry was down by 23.7 percent, even though “profits” were up by 62.3%.

There seems to be something wrong with this, given Mercy Medical Centers’ whole point of being is to provide charity.

*Although Morgan is Mercy Medical Center’s CEO, his salary is not officially reported on their books because he is paid by Mercy’s parent organization Catholic Health Initiatives.

The Lund Report:


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