Public Meeting Regarding Health Care Reform

Tomorrow, Tuesday December 11, 2012, from 1 to 4:30 p.m., people in Douglas County can attend, via the internet, the Oregon Heatlh Policy Board meeting in room 310 of the Douglas County courthouse. The OHPB will take public comment starting at 3:45 p.m., that you can also participate during the live web broadcast.

Although the state set up a few public sites throughout Oregon, Douglas County was not one of them, so the newly formed Oregon Patients Rights Association (OPRA) decided to use personal computers and the county wifi to bring it to folks in our community who would like to participate with others. The group hopes to get the County to agree to do sponsor the future monthly meetings of this Board, however you don’t need to come to the meeting to participate.

Since the meeting is being broadcast live via the interent, anyone anywhere, can participate, even from your own home. The links below provide informatin about who to watch the meeting live, as well as how to participate in the public comments portion.

You may not know a lot about the Oreogn Health Policy Board or the Oregon Health Authority, but what they are setting up now will soon impact everyone in Oregon because they are responsible for developing health and heatlh care policy for our state. Although they are working on the development of Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO) that are reforming the way medical services are provided under the Oregon Health Plan, their actions will eventually target those on Medicare, as well as anyone on a state or local government paid for health plan. They are also responsible for overseeing the new health care exchanges that are provided for in the Affordable Care Act. So if you want to know what eventually be in store for you, even if you are not on the Oregon Health Plan or Medicaid, you might be interested in taking part with us.

The OHPB must be applauded for doing this to faciliate transparency and accountability in government. They have a good start on transparency, but we will have to ensure that they, and those providing health care services, particularly with government money, are held accountable.

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