New Patients Rights Group in Douglas County

A few weeks ago, Citizens Education & Advocacy meet with a small group of people with disabilities to discuss a growing problem in our community regarding the quality of health care and what we believe are some pretty outrageous violations of patients’ rights.   Since then, we have helped the folks develop into an more organized effort that is calling itself Oregon Patients Rights Association and will be holding some meetings to help people understand the various rights they have when seeking medical care.

Oregon Patients Rights Association will be meeting Tuesday, November 20th from 3:30 – 5:30 pm, & again Tuesday, December 11th from 6 – 8 pm in room 311 at the Douglas County Courthouse.  The meetings are free and open to the public. 

Each meeting will have a patients’ rights education program and provide time for individual help regarding problems, including filing complaints regarding their healthcare provider or writing letters to various oversight agencies and officials. 

A group of local patients and advocates have come together as Oregon Patients Rights Association to deal with the increase of patient abuse and abandonment by local healthcare providers, particularly regarding people with certain types of disabling medical conditions, including chronic pain. 

Nov 20th will cover laws that exist to make sure that patients receive appropriate diagnostic services and treatment, how to know if the laws are being followed in your case and what you can do if they are not.  These include Oregon’s Intractable Pain Act, Oregon Medical Practices Act, Nurse Practices Act, & the Social Security Act (covering Medicare & Medicaid (Oregon Health Plan) patients). People who want help filling out complaints about their doctors & nurse practitioners can get it from volunteer patient advocates. 

On December 11th, we will cover in more detail Oregon’s Intractable Pain Act, as well as discuss the role of the Oregon Pain Commission, the Oregon Medical Board and Board of Nursing in making sure that patients’ rights are not ignored.  We will also discuss how the various bodies should be working to ensure practitioners respect patients’ rights under the Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Act and other laws.  Volunteer patient advocates will be again be on hand to help those who want to file complaints or write letters to the various boards and commissions. 

For information about Oregon Patients Rights Association, please contact us at or call (541) 236-3083.


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