Douglas County Commissioners Once Again Set to Pick HADCO Commissioner

For the past few weeks, since the closing of the applications to fill the vacant position on the Housing Authority of Douglas County Board of Commissioners (HADCO), CEA has been waiting to see which of the two people the Douglas County Commissioners will chose.   CEA has been relatively quiet about the matter.  It is our more recent experience that the DC Commissioners have little use for what we say regarding these critical appointments to the body that oversees millions of tax dollars spent in our community on public housing.

In spite of the fact that it was CEA who pressed for and got an audit of our local public housing agency from HUD that revealed that the former Executive Director of HADCO mismanaged $300,000 in tax dollars, the Douglas County Commissioners have little interest in our opinion or in making sure all of those they appoint to HADCO’s board are up for the job.   The arrogant attitude that they know better than the citizens of this communitywho have actually attended HADCO Commission meeting, learned the laws that govern them, and have done their homework, resulted in the $300,000 loss of public housing dollars.  The $300,000 loss was because the majority of the folks (with the exceptionof HADCO Commissioner Jamie Sanchez) on the HADCO Commission failed to oversee HADCO and its ED.  This includes at least one current HADCO Commissioner and a long list of those citizens who stepped forward to take an appointment to act important but had little clue that they were public officials sitting on a public commission.

So who will be the next incompentent public offical that the Douglas County Commissioners will appoint?  Maybe it is time we got rid of the DC Commissioners given they are not even compentent enough pick housing authority commissioners—two are up for reelection.


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