Occupy DC Courthouse to Defend Civil Liberties

Folks associated with Occupy Roseburg have organized a demonstration for tomorrow night, Tuesday, December 20th at 6:00 p.m. at the Douglas County Courthouse.    Some will be setting up tents and staying for a while to protest the passage of the National Defense Appropriations Act (NDAA), most particularly Section 1031.  Others can come to show support and stay only as long as they like. 

As you are probably aware, civil libertarians are concerned that Section 1031 of the Act will provide for unlimited military detention of anyone, including citizens, even on U.S. soil, who may be suspected of supporting terrorism.  One of the problems in this post 9/11 era is who can be determined a terrorist or terrorist group.  

As I write this it is not clear whether President Obama has yet signed to bill or not, but info indicates that if he has not already done so, we plans on doing so shortly.

Even if passage of the bill happens, things can be turned around if enough people demand that their elected representatives in the House and Senate repeal it.   Although those of us in Douglas County already have a Congressman and two U.S. Senators who defended our rights and voted against their various body’s version of the bill,  we still need to build opposition in our community against these and other laws that intend to change the U.S. Constitution illegally.  We need to reach out to those here that support the Tea Party; Americans for Prosperity and others that we know have made claims that they too support our freedoms.   Now is the time for all of us to stand up together. 

After the passage of the U.S.A. Patriot Act a number of folks in our community from the left and right, environmentalists and timber, as well as others with differing views joined together to protest it.  We got some concessions, but we did not continue until it was pealed; now we have this.   What will be next if we don’t do something now?

Stay engaged on Facebook with Occupy Roseburg and Occupy Douglas County.  Also see CEA’s blog here at wordpress regarding Occupy Douglas County.


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