DC Commissoners Reappoint Chris Spens, Drives Anger!

After yesterday’s Douglas County Commission reappointment of Chris Spens to the Housing Authority of Douglas County Commissioners, I came home and wrote a bitting commentary about the experience.  However, I decided to give it a day or two before I decide whether to post it in its entirity or to modifiy the angry scarcism.  In the meantime, I will just post the link to the event from local radio station KQEN.

Although this does not cover anywhere the entire circus, it illustrates that I have been driven to the type of anger and disrepect I have for the ineptitude of our DC Commissioners that Ihave for select HADCO Commissioners.   I guess I am a bit tired of dealing with the arrogance of the Big Fish in a Little Pond that small communities seem to breed.

KQEN Radio 1240 HADCO Appointment


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