Three People Vie for Two Seats on HADCO Board

Only three people applied for the two seats available on the HADCO Board of Commissioners.  One was Jeff Cooley who is a local CPA.  Another is former HADCO Commissioner, Joy Mayorga.  The last is current HADCO Commissioner, Chris Spens.

CEA encourages everyone to call the Douglas County Commissioners, or send emails, even write letters to say:  ANYONE BUT SPENS!

Contact for Douglas County Commissioners:

  •  Susan Morgan, (HADCO liaison)                Email: Susan Morgan <>;
  •  Doug Robertson,                                            Email is care of assistant, Deb Mendenhall:
  • Joe Laurance                                                                      Email: Joe Laurance <>;

Also send one to Board Assistant, who is in charge of county boards and committees,

Tina Roy  <>;

Phone number is the same for everyone.   (541) 440-4201


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