Douglas County Commissioners Taking Application for Two HADCO Commission Seats!

A Press Release went out yesterday (3/23/11) from the office of the Douglas County Commissioners announcing that they are taking applications to fill two seats on the Housing Authority of Douglas County Commission.  One position is to fill the unexpired term of Ernie Luna who resigned a month or so ago.  The other position is to fill the expired term of the Chris Spens.

Although we don’t know who will apply, let’s hope that the Douglas County Commissioners have enough sense to not reappoint Chris Spens if he reapplies for his seat.   In the next few weeks, we will tell you most of the reasons why.   However we can start with just a few words:  former Executive Director Dolly Newman.

Chris spearheaded giving her a 10% raise when she was stealing money from the taxpayer to travel around the country.   So this alone is reason he needs to be replaced.  Maybe if the Douglas County Commissioners don’t get it, so do they.

If you want an application, you can contact Tina Roy at the DC Commission office: or (541) 440-4201.

Take care,


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