HADCO’s Ex Director’s Resignation Letter

It is no wonder that the News Review did not publish the full content of HADCO’s Executive Director’s resignation letter.  But in the spirit of transparency, here it is for everyone to see.

It is most likely the News Review, or any media, would not want to risk the possible libel and defamation claim that might follow by printing or even quoting such clearly outrageous claims she has made not only about HADCO Commissioner Jamie Sanchez,  but yours truly “her family”.   So other media might have a concern about publishing it but our citizens news blog does not.  No matter how crazy some of the stuff I talk about is, I am not going to be suing myself.   Now if Commissioner Sanchez sues me for printing the libelous and defamatory letter about her, I won’t invite her to Christmas dinner.

Since my initial read of this brought the “sue” to mind, I have gained some perspective.  After I looked at it for a while now, I realize that Ms. Newman is a sad pathetic human being who needs help.  I hope she gets it.  In all honesty as a person to another person, get some help and stay away from public service.

This may sound a bit sarcastic, and it is a little, but in all honesty some people are able to handle the heat of the public kitchen and some are not.  Not everything in politics is nice, and what has been going on here is politics.  Simply, a small group of people in our community saw something that was not right with our local public housing authority and got together to do something about it.  Local grassroots politics at its finest.   Obviously something Ms. Newman is not cut out for.

If you want to be a public official, you need to be able to deal with all of us in the public.   You do not get to pick and chose who you have to be accountable to, or decide not to be accountable at all, which is what Ms. Newman tried.

Her wild accusations demonstrate questionable mental stability and I hope that if she was abused by her former husband, as she seems to be saying, then it might explain the erratic inappropriate behavior that she demonstrated numerous times, particularly with those who challenged what she did.  Yet even those claims seem to be a bit too self-serving given our history with her.  Since I am not aware of any documentation that it is a fact either, her claims seem to coming from someone who might be going over the edge, but sorry the only one who put her there is Dolly Newman.

Even an objective observer can see that the only one who was an embarrassment to HADCO was Ms. Newman (oh, no that is not true, there are at least three HADCO Commissioners & at least another employee or two).  Well you know what I mean.   I watched her do exactly what she claims Commissioner Sanchez does, “intimidate disabled residents.”  Let us not forget there are three housing disability discrimination claims because of Ms. Newman’s actions.   A review of the record will show, Commissioner Sanchez has tried address disability rights issues with Ms. Newman blocking it all the way.  Maybe in her mental state, Ms. Newman forgets the HADCO Board meetings are recorded.

By now the HADCO Board of Commissioners has received enough documentation about Ms. Newman’s conduct with residents and employees to know that she was a big part of the problem, which the majority ignored.  So the problem here is having someone in such a position that is either so unstable or immature to write such a letter in the first place.

Speaking of “embarrassing and appalling.”  We all should remember that HADCO Commissioner Spens hired this woman in the first place.  If is not gone soon, he will be there to hire the next ED and he is likely to pick the worst candidate just to spite us.   Hard to believe?

Although he is not alone, he has two equally unqualified folks who might join in repeating this horrible mistake that has and could still cost us countless tax dollars, unless of course, they are gone by the time the decision is made.

Take care,

Resignation Letter


3 thoughts on “HADCO’s Ex Director’s Resignation Letter

  1. Ms. Newman has recently been appointed by the City of Albuquerque as their Housing Director. They administer about 4k vouchers and 900 public housing units.The majority of the population that she will be managing are Hispanics and clients that are predominently Hispanic families and individuals. I would be curious to know what the conflict between Commisioner Sanchez and Ms. Newman was and if has there has been any resolution to any of the issues?

    1. The conflict between Commissioner Sanchez and Ms. Newman stems from HADCO’s Executive Director’s failure to explain excessive spending and other questions regarding the EDs management (or mismanagement) of the Housing Authority of Douglas County. Unfortunately, except for the occasional support of her fellow Commissioner Stuart Liebowitz, Commissioner Sanchez was the only one on the HADCO Board that was trying to exercise oversight of the ED, which by the way is suppose to be the job of every HADCO Commission member. What Ms. Newman calls harassment is being asked to explain what she was doing with taxpayer money in our public housing program.

      Are the issues resolved between the two of them? Let us hope so, but Ms. Newman is still trying to insert herself in the business of HADCO through at least one HADCO Commissioner, Shannon Gammie, so probably not. Ms. Newman may have a bit more problems than with HADCO Commissioner Sanchez. Commissioner Sanchez is now focused on solving the problems caused by Ms. Newman’s mismanagement of the program. However, others are now aware of things that happened under Ms. Newman’s tenure, which are likely to shift Ms. Newman’s continued attention away from Ms. Sanchez and shift it to answering others’ questions.

      Now there is a need to take out a loan on one of our local publically owned housing projects to repay $54,000 Ms. Newman diverted the traditional public housing to be used illegally to pay for the expenses in another type of property the public owns called multi-family. It seems she not only spent a significant amount of money on her own out of town travel, she bought herself and the maintenance supervisor an I-Phone, plus the phone service, which she also gave to only one of the resident managers that works for HADCO. She also sold off (to another program HADCO operates) vehicles at below market prices to purchase a new truck for $30,000 for the same maintenance supervisor to drive around (yet he did not seem to be a working supervisor and according to residents, never hauled anything in the truck). This does not count the $28,000 spent in legal fees so far for only one of the four lawsuits or claims pending against HADCO (all of these suits/claims are a result of Ms. Newman’s actions.) It also does not include any money that these claims might cost HADCO in the future.

      This financial mismanagement was not the entire problem with Ms. Newman, the way she treated residents was unforgivable. The incident that led to the picketing that happened the day she resigned is just one example. That case, and others, revealed that she is a petty vindictive dictator who would go after anyone who crossed or questioned her. Although her letter accuses Commissioner Sanchez of abusing the disabled, Ms. Newman is the one who abused the disabled, elder and children who rented form HADCO while she was the ED there. Even her belief that because someone is disabled means that can be led around by Commissioner Sanchez shows the level of Ms. Newman’s thinking about people with disabilities. Her attitude of the residents being less than she is unfortunately not limited to the disabled. God help the residents in New Mexico.

      Now given all that was going on, one wonders how she could have gotten another job at another public housing authority. The HADCO Board of Commissioners was never asked to give her a reference.

      Take care,

    2. OK so if you are stating that this lady took anther job in another housing office then wheres some kind of information or proof to the taking of the job? news paper? job posting? there board notes or last meeting where they hired her? or best yet…a number or contact person that can answer the phone and say shes there director?? srry to be so blunt BUT one would have to ask for truth and not someone comming here with a reply just to throw everyone off?? its known she has lots of friends that cover her tracks and wrong doings and would say ANYTHING to protect her…

      AWAITING your reply

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