HADCO Board Consider Raise for ED

This coming Thursday, June 24, 2010, the Housing Authority of Douglas County will be conducting an evaluation of the Executive Director, Dolly Newman at 12:30 p.m. during their regularly scheduled meeting.  Intending to convene in Exeuctive Session at the start of the meeting, HADCO Commissioners have already been asked by the ED to increase her salary.  

At last months meeting, you can hear the ED’s tear stressed voice whine about how it is not fair that she has had to go so long without a raise and she needs the money.   Although her salary is over $63,000 a year plus good benefits, Ms. Newman told the small audience that she cannot make ends meet without an increase in her salary, yet she commands a salary that far exceeds the avearge income of anyone in our community, let alone what is is in comparison to the people who benefit from HADCO’s program.  

The raise is not a given because the HADCO Board must deliberate about this in public as well as take a public vote.   However, if there is not sufficient outcry from the community regading this, we anticipate that at least a couple of the HADCO Commissioners are already ready to give her a raise although she had done little to deserve more money.   In fact, CEA believes HADCO Commissioners should be considering firing her not giving her more money due to the long list of problems with her administration of our local public housing authority, which include her out of town travel budget was as much as 700% over budget during the past fical year primarily due to her travel expenses to such places as Las Vegas and Florida (before the oil spill).  

If you belive that the HADCO Board should refuse to give Ms. Newman a raise, let them know.  As public officials, each of them has an obligation to listen to you and give consideration to your concerns.  So give it a try.  You can reach each of them as follows:  

Housing Authority of Douglas County (HADCO)

Board of Commissioners



Commissioners Name                   Contact Information                                                                                                      

Shannon Gammie                            7634 North Bank Rd, Roseburg 97470

                                                              Phone:  (541) 673-1152 home

                                                                                (805) 444-3289 mobile

                                                                Email:  sgammie@gotsky.com

Stuart Liebowitz                               143 SE Lane, Roseburg, OR 97470

                                                                Phone:  (541) 672-9819 home

Ernie Luna                                           1038 N. Myrtle Rd, Myrtle Creek, OR 97457

                                                                Phone:  (541) 643-4031 

Jamie Sanchez                                   P.O. Box 77, Winston, OR 97496

                                                                Phone: (541) 784-2095 home

                                                                Email:  jamie4hadco@gmail.com

Chris Spens                                         1065 W. Winter Ridge Dr, Roseburg OR 97470     

                                                                Phone:  (541) 229-3211 home

                                                                               (541) 679-6237 ext 12 work

                                                                Email:  chris@drtf.org


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