More HADCO: Tenants Meetings, Travel Receipts +

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 16 at 2:30 p.m. there will be a meeting for HADCO residents and supporters to discuss what just happened with the Annual Plan process, establishing the Residents Advisory Board (for next years plan) and ways to address concerns regarding the property actually owned and managed by HADCO, which includes the establishment of Residents Councils (RC) and other ways residents can solve their housing problems.  All Section 8 and public housing residents are invited and encouraged to attend.  This meeting will not involve HADCO staff.  So people can come and feel free to speak about what concerns them.  Form more info call CEA at: (541) 459-4077 or email:

The income and expense statements from HADCO’s September 2009 and January 2010 showing travel and training overbudget by 700 and 688% respectively can be accessed at CEA’s website:

Here are the documents regarding the two most recent trips we know about.  One was to Las Vegas in December 2009 the other to Florida in January of this year (2010). 

Las Vegas Trip:  Note some of these have links that will open up in another window and some are displayed below.  The rental car and mileage on it are of concern, beside the fact that this trip and training was taken by the Executive Director at all is a concern. 

Rental Car receipt


Dolly plane info

Additional Airliine Fees

Florida Trip, January 2010: 

All of these will open in another window.  Note a few things here.  One is the rental car and the mileage on it.  Also it seems valet parking was paid for for the rental car in one of the receipts.  Markings on the documents were made before we got them.

Rental Car Information Mileage Fl 1 2010

Credit Card info re trip

Registration Info Commissioners Conference Florida 2010

PHADA 2010 Commissioners Conference Agenda Dolly marked

Memo to Dolly RE PHADA 2010 Commissioners Conference

PO Payment Request Per Diem Dolly

Lodging Fl Marriott 1 07 10 to 1 11 10

Lodging Fl Embassy Suites 1 11 10 to 1 14 10

Airline Travel Info

Baggage receipt

Additional Transportatoin parking receipt

Parking Transportation Eugene


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