HADCO Board to Hold Illegal Meeting?

It seems that two of the new members to HADCO’s Board of Commissioners might be off to a good start because they will be attending a meeting that was called by the Executive Director in violation of HADCO’s Bylaws.  

This was done to accommodate one of the newly appointed HADCO Commissioner and the ED’s friend Shannon Gammie.  To her credit, when this became an issue Ms. Gammie said she could attend the meeting according to the bylaws on the 4th Thursday, which is today, but the ED refused to change the meeting date back to the date set out in the bylaws although asked to do so by HADCO Commissioner Jamie Sanchez.   

We will be posting a series of emails between various folks regarding this issue shortly.  After reading them, you may shake your head and wonder how smart one has to be to be a HADCO Executive Director.

Last we heard the meeting is still planned for Friday, February 26 at 12:30 pm. at the Meyer building off of Stanton in Roseburg (down the road to the left of the HADCO office).  HADCO Commissioner Jamie Sanchez is not going to attend because she believes the meeting is not lawful because it violates their bylaws given the Executive Director has no authority to change the day of the meeting of the Board.  Stuart Liebowitz (who was appointed yesterday) cannot attend Friday meetings anyway and has a prior commitment.  That leaves the other three: Chris Spens, and two new appointees Shannon Gammie and Ernie Luna.  

If they are all willing to meet, then there is a quorum and the illegal meeting with go ahead.  If only one is willing to do the right thing and not attend, there sill be no meeting.  Unfortunately, it seems doubtful whether the any one of the three remaining one’s have the ingrity to do the right thing. 

It seems that Chris agreed to the change-even though it violates the bylaws he has been operating HADCO under for about 7-8 years now.  Given he has not responded to our requests about whehter he was going to attend or not, we can assume he will. 

Shannon Gammie has been privy to the emails regarding the meeting and why it is not legal.  However, she has not responded and we have not been told there will be no meeting.  Also she is friends of HADCO’s ED and she might want to support her in this fight with the community, which is why we suspect she joined the HADCO Commission to begin with, given she had no interest in attending HADCO meetings before. 

Ernie Luna is being contacted by one of our group as I write this to find out if he is willing to skip the meeting tomorrow because it is in violation of the bylaws.  he has not been privy to the emails regarding this because he does not have email.  I believe that if he refuses to go to the meeting, it will demonstrate that he does not have close ties to HADCO’s ED that some are concerned about.  If he goes ahead with the meeting, it should be grounds for DC Commissioners to appoint someone else when his term is up in a few months.  (he was only filling a two-month position)

I believe that anyone who goes ahead with the meeting tomorrow should be removed from the HADCO Commission.  We might not get that, but we might get to add it to the bad behavior of Chris Spens and take our move to get the DC Commissioners to rid HADCO of this infection once and for all. 

Take care,


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