DC Commissioners Get Another Chance to Do the Right Thing!

Here is the email sent to Douglas County Commissioners regarding the appointment to the HADCO Commission tomorrow.

February 23, 2010

Good afternoon Douglas County Commissioners,

Tomorrow morning, you will have another opportunity to appoint someone to the Housing Authority of Douglas County Board of Commissioners.  CEA hopes you appoint Stuart Liebowitz. 

Although we recommended you appoint former HADCO Commissioner Joy Mayorga the last time an appointment was considered, Mr. Liebowitz was not in the pool of applicants at the time.  Had he been, I am confident that we would have supported his application, either along with that of Ms. Mayorga’s or even instead of hers. 

It is true that Ms. Mayorga has direct experience as a HADCO Commissioners, but Mr. Liebowitz has had direct experience on several public bodies (both state and local level) and has demonstrated that he understands the requirement of the laws that govern such entities.  He has had the opportunity to demonstrate that he understands HUD laws and regulations, as well as those that govern housing development with state resources.   These alone make him a great candidate, but what makes him superior is his knowledge and experience with affordable housing development in our community.

Stuart Liebowitz has been an affordable housing developer for many years in Douglas County.  He currently works for the non-profit Umpqua Community Development Corporation (UCDC) after having worked for many years developing affordable housing for our local Community Action Agency UCAN.  Stuart has also served on the statewide Oregon Housing Council (?).  So he will bring a level of experience regarding housing that no other candidate has.  His connections to these other groups will provide community connections that currently do not exist at HADCO.  However, that is not all.

Mr. Liebowitz knows and has worked with all other members on HADCO’s Board.  He worked at UCDC while Shannon Gammie was still there.  He has worked with Ernie Luna in several capacities.  Maybe most importantly, he has actually already served on a City of Roseburg board or commission along with Chris Spens.   Given we find him a suitable candidate and he has already proven his ability to work with the others appointed to the HADCO Commission, it seems he is really the best candidate for all concerned. 

We do not believe there is a better candidate for HADCO Commissioner than Stuart Liebowitz.  I have talked to a majority of the remaining applicants and even they agree that Stuart would be a good choice.   We trust, you will agree that he is the best candidate for the position and chose him to be our next HADCO Commissioner. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Betsy Cunningham

Citizens Education & Advocacy (CEA)

1464 E. Central Ave.

Sutherlin, OR 97479

Telephone: (541) 459-4077

Email:  cea2day@yahoo.com


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