HADCO Commission Appointments Once Again Demonstrates Flaws in the Process

Today Douglas County Commissioners Joe Laurance and Doug Robertson blindly supported Susan Morgan’s appointment of two former work associates of HADCO’s Executive Director’s to the HADCO Board.  Although Susan Morgan cited two basic things she looked at in making her recommendations: public housing experience and public meeting experiences, she did not pick the only person who was in the pool of applicants who had this direct experience, former HADCO Commissioner Joy Mayorga. 

Instead she supported and Doug and Joe just went along, Shannon Gammie —yes the one who lied on doucments submitted to the Douglas County Circuit Court, and Ernie Luna.   We have no concerns about Ernie Luna and we believe his former work experience with affordable housing  should prove to be an invaluable addition to the HADCO board.  However their total disregard of information that should be considered for someone in the public position is a real problem.

Part of the problem was the fact that two of our elected County Commissioners let the other one make the decision for them.   Another part is that they let the decision be made by someone who herself stated what she was considering and did not follow it.  Still another part is the fact there is not a clear object formal process for our county government officials to pick who serves on board and commissions in Douglas County. 

Although each of them needs to be addressed, correcting the last one can fix the problem once and for all. 

A small group of us did address our concerns with Commissioner Laurance today after the meeting.  He gave a commitment to make sure he did an individual analysis of who will be placed on the HADCO Board in the future.  We hope we can also convince him in his reelection year to change current practices and get some formal policy in place or even a county oridance if that is what is needed to fix the mess.

Take care,


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