Another HADCO Commissioner Bites the Dust.

It seems that what is going on at HADCO is too much for another HADCO Commissioner.   Unforunately it wasn’t Chris Spens who resigned from the HADCO Commission.  The problems at HADCO are too much for some.  The commitment and responsibility is a bit more than most who put their name forward recognize beforehand.     

I am concerned they see this as a more cushy non-proft board gig instead of the public governing body that it is.  This alone can be overwhelming.  What is required of a private non-profit  board is far less than what is required of a governing body like the HADCO Commission who must ensure all aspects of the agency follow the various laws and rules that govern it. 

Hopefully, we can get people who can face the responsibility and stick with it unit the hard work is done.  It may be unpleasant for a while, but with the right people on the HADCO Commission there is a real opportunity to change things around in a very positive way for everyone.  However, we will have to wait for a while for that to happen now.   

Take care,


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