CEA Objects to HADCO Applicant Smalley

Here is an email just sent to the Douglas County Commissioners regarding why we object to Jim Smalley being considered for a position on the Housing Authority of Douglas County (HADCO) Board of Commissioners.   There may be other reasons not to support his appointment.  However, the public records we have accessed indicate sufficient reason for him to be rejected regardless of anything else. 

Dear Douglas County Commissioners,

Although it is not clear to us about all the criterion that you will be using to decide who will fill the two vacant seats on the Housing Authority of Douglas County Board of Commissioners, CEA assumes that one is the person has to be able follow the law.    

With applicants to fill volunteer Board seats like the HADCO Commissioners, information may not always be available to one beforehand except the applicants or his friends and colleagues glowing impressions.  So one is left with accepting the person (or in this case) the people at face value.   However, it is not always these relationships that tell us what we might want to know about someone who is offering to take on such a responsibility on behalf of all of us. 

With two of the current applicants we do have some information that may be more objective in determining their ability and/or willingness to follow the law.  I will be sending the information to you in two separate emails.  One will be about Jim Smalley the other Shannon Gammie.

CEA believes that this information is relevant to whether either of the candidates is suited to be in a position of public trust, which clearly HADCO Commissioner is.  CEA sees this no differently than if this information were available about any of you while you are running for public office.   Although these folks are not running for elected office, CEA sees them as running for this very important appointed public office.   Unfortunately, the voter does not get to directly have their say about who will be representing us on the HADCO Commission: that responsibility has been delegated to each one of you.

This is why the decision you make is extremely important.  It may be more critical than ever before.  Having people able to follow the law is paramount.  Given HADCO’s history, this may be the most important criteria there is. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Betsy Cunningham

Citizens Education & Advocacy

1464 E. Central Ave.

Sutherlin, OR 97479

Telephone: (541) 459-4077

Attachment:  Copy  US DOT screen re Smalley Trucking

PDF_20101316444670555 info Smalley Truckin US DOT


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