One More Added to the Pool of HADCO Contenders!

The Douglas County Commissioners added another candidate to the pool of people vying to be our representatives to the Housing Authority of Douglas County (HADCO) Board of Commissioners.   The inclusion of Rory Mayberry’s application to be on HADCO’s Commission brings the number of people willing to serve their community on our local public housing authority’s (PHA) governing body to seven.  

It seems that Mr. Mayberry’s application was taken before the opening date of the filing of applications for the two open positions, so did not get included in the original bunch.  Although CEA has no objections to Mr. Mayberry being considered for the position, we are not comfortable about allowing his application to be added to the list if others are not allowed to do so who were also unavailable during the filing period. 

CEA will be asking the Douglas County Commissioners to reopen the filing period for applications so there is no question about everyone having the same opportunity to file as everyone else. 

However, even if the DC Commission reopens the application process, CEA will continue to support Joy Mayorga for one seat and oppose Jim Smalley and Shannon Gammie for either.   We have already shared with you why CEA supports Joy Mayorga and there is no one else who could apply and change that.  Reasons for not supporting Gammie and Smalley will be posted within a few days. (really this time)

*Note:  Unfortunately, the HADCO Commission appointments are not the only thing going on right now with them.  The Public Housing Authority (PHA) Annual Plan process is heating up as public input has caused significant resistence from HADCO Commissioner Chris Spens as well as HADCO staff.  

Also, there are other issues coming to light now due to some investigation into travel and communications of HADCO’s Executive Director. 

Some of the info regarding these issues can be found at Citizens Education & Advocacy website: as well as some dialogue happening on the News Review website.


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