Where Are Our Tax Dollars Being Spent Today?


The above links to information about the second conference/training in Florida the Executive Director, Dolly Newman of the Housing Authority of Douglas County (HADCO) has been to recently. However, this is not the extent of her out of town travel that even the HADCO Board of Commissioners do not know about before she goes.

In reviewing public records, CEA has uncovered that it appears we have spent close to $20,000 since she was hired in fall of 2008 on training and traveling the person the former HADCO Commission hired to run the day-to-day operation of the program on our behalf. She has been to Washington DC, as well as Las Vegas on our dime.

 Attempts by HADCO Commissioner and CEA member Jamie Sanchez’ to get answers about these travels has not been totally successful. Citizens need to put pressure on to get accountability of this public agency. Not only is the spending of our money a concern, so is her frequent absenses from the office. She does not seem to be there enough to have appropriate oversight of her staff. It seems they have been using company time trying to discredit those of us trying to make changes instead of focusing on staying neutral, as public servants should be, and ways to work with residents, citizens and all board members.


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