What HADCO is really about | The News-Review – NRtoday.com


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One thought on “What HADCO is really about | The News-Review – NRtoday.com

  1. I shared this from the News Review website. It is a loyal HADCO employee who is defending the honor of the organzation. It is too bad that he does so without knowing all the facts.

    What he knows about discontent on the HADCO Board is limtied to two meetings he attended because he was paid to be there instead of doing other work (like doing the delayed maintence that HADCO needs). Unfortunately he did not even understand what was being discussed or as a taxpaying citizen he might be more concerned about how this public entity was misusing our money.

    Unfortunately HADCO seems to hire people who are no more interested in knowing the facts than the former HADCO Board.

    Good news, Steve there is hope. Most of the folks who did not follow the law on the HADCO board are gone. Changes on the Board will go away to get rid of Steves concerns.

    Take care,

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