Spens Suspends HADCO Commission Meeting!

With a deadline regarding a fair housing complaint pending with the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) looming over their heads, HADCO Commissioner Chris Spens stalked out of the HADCO Commission meeting and it came to abrupt halt. 

Responding to a challenge from CEA and a fellow Commissioner, Spens picked up his things and left the meeting in a huff.  In describing Spens interaction with the public and his subsequent departure, one observer said, “It was just like a 10 year old kid.”  

All of us at the meeting appeared dumbfounded when Spens left the meeting and did not return.  The remaining two HADCO Commissioners looked shocked as he walked out the door, with Commissioner Jamie Sanchez calling to him to remind him that they had an executive session scheduled to deal with the pending “BOLI complaint”.  However, Spens seemed unconcerned about leaving his fellow board members and the organization in a lurch.   

With Spens gone, there was no longer a quorum and the public business meeting had to come to an end by law.  Normally, this might not be a problem but HADCO has a pending legal matter that needs to be addressed in a public meeting, which cannot be done without all three of the current HADCO Commission members being present.  Spens knew all of this when he made the decision to depart.

It would not be surprising to discover that Spens had planned all along to end the meeting before having to go into executive session to discuss the complaint pending against HADCO for discriminating against a 5-year old disabled girl and her service animal.  After all, he is the only one on the current HADCO Commission who was there when the complaint was filed.  Historically Spens has a problem taking responsibility for his own bad behavior regarding problems at HADCO, avoiding taking responsibility for this would fit his MO.   

He already canceled one meeting schedule regarding this complaint, and seemed to drag his feet when at least one of his fellow commissioners tried to schedule the meeting that was finally held today.  Hopefully the sleazy political tactic of this novice politician will bite him in the ass when it comes to election time. 

 We must not forget that this same Chris Spens is a city councilman in Roseburg, which, by the way, is extremely puzzling to me.  I know he ran unopposed, but did the voters know this guy?  Couldn’t the city find someone better? 

 Given how he has behaved as a HADCO Commissioner over the past few years we have observed him, I cannot believe that the voters in his district are aware of his attitudes and actions then voted him in as their city councilman anyway.  Maybe he saves his bad behavior for HADCO. 

After all he has implied on more than one occasion that HADCO residents should be grateful for what they have.  Maybe he does not see the people served by the program as equal citizens deserving his respect.  He certainly does not have the sense to set aside his personal feelings long enough to take care of the public’s business.

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