CEA Meeting to Discuss HADCO

CEA is meeting today, Thursday November 4 at 1 pm in the D.C. courthouse room 310 to discuss the future of HADCO and how our public housing policy is made.  Anyone in the vacinity today that is interested in HADCO’s Annual Housing Plan for our community, or about filling the two vacant board seats, is welcome.  

HADCO’s Annual Plan is currently out for public comment.  The written comment period ends November 14.  Anyone wanting to make comments can write to HADCO by then.  After this the HADCO Commission will hold a public hearing.  At which time, they will also consider public comment about changes.  The Board will have to vote to approve the Plan, after which it will be submitted to HUD for their approval.  Once approved, the Plan becomes the basis for how the program is going to operate for the next year.