Reason Herm Obholzer Claims He Resigned from HADCO Board of Commissioners

Herm Letter of Resignation



The above is a copy of the letter of resignation that former HADCO Commissioner Herm Oberholzer submitted to the Douglas County Commissioners. 

As usual Herm’s interpretation of facts is different than others.  He seems to have a tendancy to either misunderstand information presented to him or he chooses to outright lie.  He also has a gift for leaving out information that is harmful to him. 

Here is an example:  The meeting he claims was out of control was.  However, he takes no responsiblity for it being so.  It was a direct result of him taking control of the chairmanship by molopizing the discussion with accusations aimed at his fellow board member of wrong doing that did not even exist.  He continued in this vein until two of his fellow board members had to leave.  Then started again on making inaccurate claims about another’s conduct until HADCO Commissioner Jamie Sanchez also left the meeting depriving him of a quorum, target or audience. 

It was after his fellow commissioners refused to support his attack on HADCO Commissioner Sanchez that Oberholzer decided to resign.  There is an audio recording of the meeting that is public record.  Review of this is more likely to support our recollection of what happened than his.

Given the problems caused by his presence on the HADCO Board, resigning is the best thing Herm could ever do for his community besides stay home and enjoy his retirement.


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